Booking Zoom Manifesting Sessions


Please read this information about your Zoom Manifesting Sessions before you book. You will be reminded of some information in emails you receive after you book. However I recommend saving the link to this page as a back up and for booking later appointments.

My Zoom ID is  Please log on at the appointed time.

If you have any problems logging on, call me on 61 488 634 222 if you are outside of Australia, or use 0488 634 222 if you are in Australia. Please use this number too if we lose our connection during the session.

Once we are both logged on, we will begin exploring your heart felt desires and any blocking issues. You might want to use a comfortable chair, bed or sofa where I can see you. You might want to lie back comfortably if we use hypnosis, which can help to get into your unconscious blocks if you are open to it.  The sessions take 2 hours and you need to ensure you will not be interrupted.

Please use speaking headphones or earphones/pods. You are spending good money for the session and I really need to hear you as clearly as possible. Zoom works well when we can hear each other clearly and this helps you get the best out of the session.

We record the session on Zoom, which I send to you later via Dropbox. If you are a subscriber of Zoom, you can record it at your end but you need to remind me to give you permission. I usually take some notes and I can send these to you after the session.

You can visit this link to Preparation and Payment page on my website to find useful material to help you prepare for your regression, including an article on hypnosis, a recording for hypnosis practice and details on paying any balance of fees.

Please feel free to email, call or text me if you have any questions or concerns.


Phone from Overseas: +61 488 634 222 In Australia: 0488 634 222

Please choose carefully from the Appointment Types below. Thank You!

First Manifesting Session

FIRST Manifesting Session, Two Hours (Zoom)
Deposit of $100 is required or you can pay the whole amount of $300. Any balance can be paid later, before the session. In this session we begin exploring what you want and getting that clear.
When you book, you will have intake forms to fill out and, before your session, some reading and practice to complete .

Later Manifesting Sessions

Five Sessions at Discount $1000  (Zoom)

This special package includes five X 2 hour appointments for a cost of $1000. You choose the appointments  which need to be taken over the next six months. When you pay you will receive a code that allows you to book these appointments online with no further cost. You will receive emails with links to the booking app.

Second or Later: Session, Two Hours (Zoom).

Deposit of $100 is required or you can pay the full second stand-alone session amount of $220.  Any balance can be paid later. This will deal with any issues arising from your first session. 

NOTE: If you commit to five sessions (see below), you can receive a discount of 10%. 

One of Five X 2 Hour Sessions (Zoom).

Deposit of $100 is required or you can pay the one session fee of $200. Any balance can be paid later. Here you commit to having regular five sessions and thus the discount applies.

This session will continue your journey to release any blocks to achieving what you desire. Our objective is creating the reality you want and removing any blocks to that.

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